School of Sanskrit Studies is online educational centre to study Sanskrit Language and Literature. It is also designed for scholars to conduct their own advanced research in the fields of Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of Languge, Integral Yoga Psychology, Etymology, Theoretical Linguistics.




Our mission is to provide all necessary study materials and give teaching support in the fields of  Sanskrit 

Grammar, Indian Philosophy and Integral Yoga Psychology.  To increase awareness of true values of life in terms of philosophical, psychological, linguistic and sociological approaches.



Our students are adults, who seek deeper understanding and knowledge in the fields of Indian Philosophy and Integral Yoga Psychology, and those who want to master Sanskrit Language in order to be able to read the original ancient texts of the Vedas, Upanshads, Mahabharata, Ramayana etc.  

Our Teachers  

Vladimir Yatsenko, PhD in Indian Philosophy, MA in General and Theoretical Linguistics and Sanskrit Language and Literature, for the last two decades is teaching Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit Grammar on campus and online.


"I have worked with Vladimir for almost three years on projects ranging from translation of Jyotisha texts, philosophy and a rigorous study of Sanskrit.  Aside from his obvious expertise and flexible expansive thinking, Vladimir is a supportive, encouraging and respectful collaborator and teacher.  He is always very mindful of what others bring to the conversation and their individual learning styles. I always look forward to our wonderful sessions."
Penny Farrow,
Vedic Astrologer

"A few years ago, I have attended Sanskrit classes taught by Vladimir Yatsenko, on Skype. It was a group of about 7 or 8 students. I find him the most effective Sanskrit teacher amongst the ones I know about. His scientific method and at the same time psychologically and spiritually deep understanding not only inspired me and destroyed my fear about such a classic and sophisticated language, but also elevated my inner state which is essential to connect  to the root of this language and to learn it as a language of my inner being."


Keka Chakraborty

Lecturer at the University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (www.uprs.edu)

"Vladimir was for me a highly inspiring teacher, who not only made me love the Sanskrit language, but revealed the links to the Indo-European languages. 

It is also thanks to his profound knowledge of these cultures that a language like Sanskrit taught by Vladimir becomes a subject of cultural reflection and a learning of hidden values within the language, a virtue that is very precious and rare among teachers.

But there is more, as Vladimir does not only know his subject, but is a true researcher himself going ways, which no one dares to approach.

I always will be grateful to him."


Ladislav Brozman,


“Vladimir has made a huge difference in my Sanskrit studies. After years of study I have finally found a Sanskrit teacher who is both incredibly knowledgeable and also has a huge cultural and philosophical background to draw on which has imbibed my Sanskrit studies with true meaning. Vladimir makes learning Sanskrit a joy and his depth in the subject is inspiring!”
Steven Highburger

Founder of Vedic Traditions, San Rafael, CA


“I have been studying the Rigveda under Vladimir for over a year and am in awe of his profound knowledge and lifetime dedication to the Rigveda as well as India’s other spiritual scriptures and the life works of Sri Aurobindo. Vladimir is a brilliant instructor who beautifully illumines the profound sacred teachings offered in these ancient texts. Having the opportunity to study under Vladimir has changed my life. I feel blessed to have such a loving, deeply insightful and truly committed instructor."
Susan Pfau, 

Vedic astrologer and Ayurveda practitioner (Celestialgazing.com), the Author of the book "The Divine Forces of the Lunar Nakshatras"

“Vladimir knows exactly where he leads us, paying attention to important issues and leaving less important stuff for the future studies. He first builds a strong foundation, so to say, a grammar structure, a skeleton which later enables us to read texts (our main goal!), but at the same time we will be able to perfect our knowledge in many other ways: to study Panini grammar or to improve our conversational skills in Indian Sanskrit centers etc. Along with this systematic approach, we appreciate very much the spirit in which he is teaching and which is not easy to describe. It is a flame of inner search and knowledge which brought all of us to Sri Aurobindo and which inspire all our efforts in such a difficult task as studying Sanskrit language."
Andrey Shevchenko,
Yoga Practitioner, Author and Translator of books on Integral Yoga